• strong adhesive papers

    MAYSPIES® Powertac

    our strong adhesive paper.

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  • Jupp Pummelisch

    Finally, Jupp Pummelisch is here!

    Discover the newest member of the Jupp family!
  • Genuine handmade paper C5 with adhesive strip

    Genuine handmade paper C5 with adhesive strip

    Growth in the Bütten family
    C5 Envelopes with adhesive strips 
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    Contemporary, innovative products and customized solutions

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Fragrance strips and shelf labels

Labels and adhesive papers

A product is nothing without the right label!

Labels ensure that products are informative, attractive, eye-catching and unmistakable! They help to organise and speed up processes, ensure error-free data transfer, "make products more attractive" or are used to attract attention.

Premium mourning stationery

Premium mourning stationery

Paying our last respects with loving farewell greetings. Every person is unique and wants to decide individually how to say goodbye. We comply with every wish. With a wide range of beautiful and noble mourning cards and mourning papers including envelopes.

Hospital wristbands

Hospital wristbands for added safety in hospitals

We offer a wide range of patient wristbands in different colours, sizes, with clip or adhesive closure. The patient wristbands are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear for adults, children and babies. With the help of our label printers they can be printed directly.

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Packaging solutions

Full shipping solutions for industry and retail customers

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our versatile standard range, our packaging experts will work with you to find the best solution - tailored to the protection requirements of your goods. We always offer the right product for every application. 

Fragrance strips and shelf labels

Fragrance strips and
shelf labels

easy to process and easy to use shelf labels, fragrance strips – the calling card for perfumes

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    Contemporary, innovative products and customized solutions

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Welcome to the product worlds of MAY+SPIES!

We are excited to introduce you to our family business, our production facilities and our large product range on this website. Professional expertise and personal commitment – this is our motto.

We are fully committed to our customers’ requirements.

Custom solutions are a longstanding tradition in our company. We are a third-generation family business that can offer you several decades worth of experience. Yet we also value individuality. We care about your special requirements and we are willing and able to flexibly address them thanks to our on-site production facility – always at a high quality and using innovative products. 

Performance is our top priority.

Nowadays there is more to a sheet of paper than just two sides. Owing to the wide range of possible applications, the standards expected from paper products for commercial and private use are higher nowadays, when it comes to both their quality and their design. This is why our committed staff members are guaranteed to be reliable and flexible and we are always using the latest technology. These are the characteristics that make our products so versatile.