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Custom made labels

Your partner for customised labels and self-adhesive products.

As a producer, we are happy to realise your individual label solutions. We offer expert knowledge and many years of experience for industries with special and demanding requirements: e.g. hospitals, textile trade, food industry, security, shipping & logistics as well as advertising/event agencies.

Labels are available from us in all conceivable print images, colours, shapes and qualities. Due to different structures, the interaction of different surfaces and adhesives, they adapt perfectly to the respective purpose. Labels are available for sticking on and also for attaching.

MAY+SPIES stands for: quality. reliability. Friendly service. Competent advice. And that since 1920! A partner you can rely on!

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Modern production diversity with the highest quality standards

Innovative label production technology

  • Our modern label printing machinery provides for production security and top quality standards.
  • We always guarantee a consistently good quality for our produced labels.
  • We permanently control our quality standards in order to continuously improve ourselves for you.
  • UV flexo printing process with up to 8 colors.
  • As sheets, rolls or pin feed labels for any form of equipment.
  • Self-adhesive labels (e. g. made from paper, PE, PP, PET etc.) for a very wide range of applications such as product labelling.
  • Non-adhesive labels (e. g. made from paper, cardboard, PET etc.) for a very wide range of applications such as shelf rail labels.


Tags, labels, waist tags, stickers, coupons made from paper, cardboard or synthetic materials, with individual printing, punch-outs and finished according to your requirements.

We have special expertise and experience with solutions for textiles retailing (hang tags, waist tags, back tags, inventory cards, sleeves, etc.). For marketing and identification at the point of sale, we have rack markers that are individually printed and that fit any shape of clothes rail (patented system: EP0623910 A2) as well as tie and belt holders and other accessories.

Special items

High-quality jewelry labels including varieties with gold and relief embossing, functional and security labels, wine and beverage labels and coupons, promotional materials, custom cardboard products etc.

We have great expertise and plenty of experience with special solutions for the confectionary industry.

Virtually anything is possible - we will help you every step of the way. our modular printing lines enable us to use various printing and processing methods to produce virtually anything you and your marketing experts can imagine. The media designers of our in-house pre-printing studio are available to help you with the creative design and implementation – to make sure you will leave a good impression with your customers.

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Forms and similar products

Forms, smart forms, continuous roll-fed products, laser A4, IT forms, SEPA bank transfer forms, invoices, delivery notes, individually printed and compiled to meet your requirements.

We possess particular expertise and plenty of experience with logistics and shipping solutions (address and return labels, envelopes, mailers, folders, individually printed packaging tape, etc.)

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Roll labels & sheet formats

MAY+SPIES supplies any label format in any arrangement.

Fanfold layed labels with or without perforated edge, printed or unprinted roll labels in many printing processes and processing forms as well as sheet formats, which are tailored to your configuration and applications.

EDV perforated edge labels for matrix, tape or continuous laser printers 

  • Fanfold layed labels.
  • Single- or multi-web.
  • Trouble-free printing process and top print quality.
  • Precise punching of the guide holes for perforated edge labels.
  • addressing, name plates or labelling labels, for indoor or outdoor use, for almost any application there is a possibility.

Roll labels 

  • Special labelling solutions
  • Printed as well as unprinted roll labels in many printing methods and processing forms.
  • Adhesive paper (paper labels) glossy or matt
  • PE (foil labels) or polyester.
  • We can supply your desired material in any desired shape and colour.
  • Also choose the type of adhesive: all desired adhesive properties are fulfilled.
  • For products that need to be labelled quickly and easily.
  • These can be produced cost-effectively from a variety of materials.
  • Printed images such as texts, company logos etc. can be further processed in direct thermal and thermal transfer printing systems.
  • We wind individually according to your specifications on roll cardboard cores with the following diameters: 25 - 120 mm.

Sheet material 

  • Labels for laser, inkjet printers and copiers.
  • formats that are tailored to your configuration and applications.
  • Careful die-cutting.
  • Excellent adhesives guarantee smooth and perfect labelling on all surfaces.
  • Excellent dimensional stability and flatness ensure reliable and trouble-free throughput over the long term.
  • Material tests on site will convince you of the quality of our products.
  • A6 / A5 / A4 / A3 (other sheet sizes on request)
  • 2000 sheets A4 custom-made possible.
  • No additional tooling costs are incurred if you choose from our existing label sizes (on request).
We will be happy to determine the quality for your desired application together with you.
Do not hesitate to contact us!
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You are also welcome to browse through our labels standard range.